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Finding New DVD Releases and Used DVD Sale

By Dedy

Executive Summary about DVD Sale By Dustin Schwerman

dvd burning softwareFrom ancient plays to VHS tapes that are starting to seem ancient to the advent of the DVD with all its extras, bonus features, and advantages. While in the beginning finding new DVD releases and, especially, used DVD sale may have seemed a significant challenge compared to the numerous VHS tapes that were available, these disks have exploded to the point that the challenge is less in finding them than choosing the ideal method to acquire them.

So much so, in fact, that I cannot help but think back to my elementary school economics classes and wonder if they finally elected to revise the law of supply and demand to make it a supply-demand-competition trifecta of marketing basics.

The education of the next generation of capitalists aside, this means that for those looking for cheap DVD movies – whether new DVD releases at an inexpensive price or used DVDs at less-than-wholesale costs – you’re going to have a significant search on your hands. Trading in used dvd movies that you’ve already seen has become popular, allowing you to exchange a set of older disks for a single new one.

Renting movies has never been easier. Not only are conventional video rentals well-stocked with all the latest movies and a wealth of classics to boot, but online DVD rentals allow you to order the DVD you want, watch it, and return it when it’s convenient. If you only want to see the movie once, a rental is likely to be significantly more efficient than buying and trading in.

Whatever the case, the advent of technology has made it easier than ever to stockpile our favorite shows and catch the latest new DVD releases.

Cheap DVD Sources For New Releases

Executive Summary about DVD Sale By Donny Lowy

The following DVD sources can enable you to purchase DVDs for as low as .25 each, even if you are only buying them for yourself.

These aren’t wholesale sources, but actual retail sources that can sell DVDs for pennies.

DVD Source #1

eBay. While eBay might sound like an obvious choice, you would be surprised at the number of people who have never purchased a DVD on eBay.

They end up buying the same titles sold on eBay for up to three times the cost through regular retail DVD outlets.

DVD Source #2

Garage sales. How many times can you watch the same DVD?
Millions of people buy DVDs only to let them collect dust after watching them once or twice.

DVD Source #3

School sales. Many schools solicit donations of used products to raise money for their operations.

DVD Source #4

Libraries. Libraries often sell a portion of their books and media to raise funds. Ask your local library if they have any DVDs they would like to sell.

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