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If you’re willing to take a risk

Tweet If you’re willing to take a risk on availability, you can get brilliant deals by booking at short notice. “A last minute wedding puts you in a great position not only with venues but also with florists, photographers, and other suppliers,” explains Julie Swanwick of Last Minute Weddings. “They would rather reduce their price […]

The Nsolo Zambian traditional

Tweet The Nsolo Zambian traditional version is more elaborate. In Zambia in Southern Africa, the game consists of digging a number of holes in rows and columns in a rectangular shape on a flat ground in the dirt or soil. In some cases, some of the holes are made on a flat cement concrete slab. […]

The Kansas Jayhawks have shown dominance

Tweet The Kansas Jayhawks have shown dominance throughout the start of the season and have remained atop the polls since the preseason rankings were published. However, another team is moving up quickly, as Texas is receiving top ranking votes. They began receiving votes in week 3, but have slowly climbed up to 11 spots throughout […]