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Verbatim DVD R

Tweet Verbatim DVD R Review and Guide By Dedy Digital Video Disc technology has changed a lot in the past few years. Today with so many competitors available in the world of information technology, there has been a lot for individuals to opt from. Initially, when storage devices hit the mainstream market, floppy drives were […]

DVD Dual Layer

Tweet Things You Should Know About DVD Dual Layer By Dedy Over the past few years, media storage devices have been introduced into the market, each of which having their own sizes, features and specifications. It all started off with the CD or otherwise known as Compact Disc. As technology improved, these CDs got transformed […]


Tweet VHS To DVD At A Glance By Dedy Back in the day, VHS systems used to rule our homes where it was the only mode of video entertainment. Technology has changed over the years and the traditional VHS tapes have developed into sleek, slender and cheaper DVDs. Earlier, many individuals invested a lot into […]